Welcome to CEG Performing Arts Academy!
Welcome to CEG Performing Arts Academy!

Modeling Classes In Philadelphia


CEG Modeling for Children & Adults course includes:

1 hour Modeling Class for Kids from ages 5-12 years old 


2 hour Modeling Class over 13 years old (Teens) - Adult


-Skin Care and Make-up

-Runway Modeling

-Nail Care


-hair Care


-Exercise, Diet and Nutrition

- Personal Development


-Voice Projection

- Basic Acting

-Wardrobe Selection  

-show-Stopping Techniques Runway

-Grooming Skills

-Activities That focus on Creative Self-Discovery

-Perfecting your Personal Style

-Bonus Fashion Show

-formal and Informal Fashion Show Techniques

-Modeling With Props and Accessories


Pricing Course
Courses for modeling are available in weekly 1  hour class  or 2 hour class or pen sessions. For private lessons, Please contact us.


* Additional costs apply for a May full modeling portfolio makeup artist With package of $ 350 deposit.



Weekly Class

$30.00 for every 1 hour class.
Teen/Adult Weekly class $60.00 for every 2 hour class.


Monthly Class

$100.00 for every 1 hour class. 
Teen/Adult Monthly class $200.00 for every 2 hour class.

For private lessons, please contact us to set up a time with one of our instructors. We're happy to assist you in any way we can!


Private Lessons Price:


Weekly Lesson Rate - $25.00 every 30 min.

Weekly Lesson Rate - $50.00 every 60 min. 

Monthly 30 minutes - $80.00 per month (4 - 1/2 hour Classes)

Monthly 60 minutes - $160.00 per month (4 - 1 hour Classes)

Payment plans are available upon request.

Check out these Models & Actors in the photo gallery below.

Where to Find the Studio

CEG Performing Arts Academy
684 North Broad Street

2nd floor 

Philadelphia, PA 19130
Phone: 215 236-1300 215 236-1300




Or use our contact form.


1406 Ridge Avenue,

Philadelphia, PA 19130

Studio News

Open House

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September 4th, 2018 -

September 7th, 2018  

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New Fall

Classes Starting:

Open Monday - Friday



Fall Semester 2018


September 4th, 2018 – December 21st, 2018

(16 Weeks)


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