Welcome to CEG Performing Arts Academy!
Welcome to CEG Performing Arts Academy!

Studio & Rehearsal Space Rental


Our locations are compared to many

New York Style Studios, since we are located on the second floor with beautiful center city views, with over 4,000 square feet in both locations.

When looking for CEG, just look out for the United Check Cashing on the first floor and Love Park Pizza is on the left of our entrance door on Ridge & Fairmount Avenue.


CEG Performing Arts Academy is located in a historical building built back in 1890. It has High Ceilings with Art deco artwork, Huge window views of the City of Philadelphia and spacious dance room. We have a 2 big stages complete with 2 DJ booths for sound and lighting, Wall to wall mirrors with 2 sets of Ballet Bars, Hardwood floors with Marley dance floor layover capabilities, 16 Ceiling Fans & Lights, a balcony area used for storage of chairs and tables and taping shows.


Our office /waiting room area is equipped with 50 "inch TVs all around the room and plenty of magazines to read while you wait for your class. We have a mini kitchen and a small kitchen for employees and teaching staff at both locations. CEG also has 5 spaces or soundproof rooms for Pro Tools recording studios fully equipped for all your Sound recording and Video editing (Final Cut Pro) needs. It is availble for rental with daily rates.


Both Dance Studio / Stage: This studio is an ideal setting for rehearsals, dance workshops, showings of new work, play readings, and fully-produced performances. CEG has access to a sprung Marley floor (20' wide by 55' deep) which is designed for bare feet and ballet slippers. Amenities include high mirrors, three eight-foot ballet barres, and full surround-sound equipment including Bluetooth soundbar player, DVD player, VCR, tape deck, and 10 large screen TVs. CEG has a full performance lighting package and sound system (extra charge of $100 and up), and a cyclorama (white & green backdrop).



Recording Studio: This studio is ideal for Music recording and performance rehearsals.  We have a hospitality area with a small kitchen (including garbage disposal and a small refrigerator) in both locations and a sound system with CD, DVD, iPod, tape player, upright piano, baby grand piano & keyboard. 
For information regarding Production
Rental packages please contact Cristina, at (215) 236-1300 or email: CEGArtsAcademy@gmail.com


Rehearsal Space Rental fee:

$25 per Hour (Small Dance room)

Workshop fee (If More than 20 People in the room):

$50 per hour (Big Dance Room)


Recording Studios Room Rental:

 Small Recording Studios -$25 per hour

Big Recording studio - $50 per hour 


Event Rooms Rental:

Small Dance Room Rental (1000 sq.foot):

$75 per hour

Big Dance Room (3000 sq. Feet):

$150 per hour


* A $200.00 security deposit is required to secure a date. 

* $100.00 Mandatory Cleaning fee for all Parties or Shows 


* A $100.00 Security Deposit for all Rehearsal Space rentals is required

to secure a date.

* $50.00 Mandatory Cleaning fee for all Rehearsal space rentals. 


* Security deposit will NOT BE REFUNDED if your event is canceled.

* Security deposit will be returned by check within 7 days after the event, but a $100 cleaning fee will be deducted from the deposit.

* Full Payment must be paid 7 days prior to the event.

* 1 hour set-up time and 1 hour clean up time is included in the price for all events. 

*Except for rehearsals space, it's 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after the event included and can only be used for clean up or set up time. Any extra time must be added to the hourly rate. 

* Clean-up Time must start ½ Hour before the event ends.

* All areas must be cleaned up and returned as was received.

* All Trash is your Responsibility to take to the dumpster.

* Additional Charges for no cleaning, finishing party after paid time, or destruction of property will cause a forfeit of partial or all your deposit.

* If you wish to rent the studio for events, a minimum of 4 hours must be scheduled before 11:00 pm. All events must end no later than 11 pm. 

* If additional time is desired payment must be paid at that moment at the party but cash only.

* The both kitchens cannot be used for prepping and or storing food. 


* A Dumpster is provided for your trash disposal at the rear of the parking lot.

* Please keep parking lot free from trash and noise.

* NO SMOKING or ALCOHOL is permitted in the building at any time.  All smoking must be done outside in the small studio or on our patio in the big studio. Any property damage will cause a forfeit of partial or all your deposit as well as other fees for carelessness.




* Rental of Professional Equipment (House Music System, Music Equipment, etc. - $200* and up!!

* Performing Arts Theme Party - $100 – (Karaoke, Games, Prizes)

* Cleaning person $100.00 fee if you do not clean up good after your party. (Exclude Trash)

* House security required for large events. In house service fee $100.00 each person.

* If coat room service is necessary, a service fee of $50.00 will be requested.

* In House DJ at your service for $200.00.


* All arrangements and requests must be made and schedule at the time of the signing of the contract.


* 10-20 Tables, 100-200 Chairs, 6 Trash cans, 6 Drink Buckets, 12 Food Tray Holders, and etc.,  can be available upon request for an extra fee.  


* Rental space available for Private Parties, Events, Showcases, Auditions, Weddings, Birthdays, Baby Showers, Dance Workshops, Photography, Music Videos, Rehearsals, TV Shows and etc. 

    Where we're located:



CEG Performing Arts Academy
684 North Broad Street

2nd floor


CEG Performing Arts Academy

1406 Ridge Avenue

2nd floor

Philadelphia, PA 19130


215 236-1300 215 236-1300





1408-1410 Ridge Avenue,

Philadelphia, PA 19130

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