Welcome to CEG Performing Arts Academy!
Welcome to CEG Performing Arts Academy!

Courses: Jazz and Modern Dance

Jazz is a highly expressive and unique genre of music. It is a quintessentially American form of music that relies heavily on improvisation, polyrhythms and syncopation.

This class borrows techniques from modern dance and concentrates on personal and artistic expression. Instructor William McCormick teaches students some basic moves and then encourages them to explore the music and develop their own movements in reaction to it.

This class is suitable for adults of all ages and skill levels.

Course Pricing
Courses for jazz and modern dance are available in weekly 60-minute or 90-minute open sessions. For private lessons, please contact us.

Single session $--.-- 60 min. / $--.-- 90 min.
Ten-class series $--.-- 60 min. / $--.-- 90 min.
20-class series $--.-- 60 min. / $--.-- 90 min.
30-class series $--.-- 60 min. / $--.-- 90 min.
Unlimited classes $--.-- 60 min. / $--.-- 90 min.

Tax not included. Payment plans are available upon request.

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