Welcome to CEG STUDIOS!
Welcome to CEG STUDIOS!

About CEG Performing Arts Academy


Celebrating 28 years of service to our community!!!


CEG Performing Arts Academy is a top-notch studio for professional performing

arts lessons in Philadelphia, PA. Our instructors are passionate about teaching

and fully dedicated to sharing the experience with others.


Our philosophy is inclusive: we have classes to suit all tastes and are happy to accommodate students of all ages and skill levels. Whether you're looking to

explore an entirely new hobby or wish to refresh some long-lost dance moves –

with CEG Performing Arts Academy, you're always in good hands.


CEG Performing Arts Academy is a unique youth development program

committed to providing high-quality performing arts education, community

entertainment and an appreciation for the cultural diversity in our world.

The mission of CEG Performing Arts Academy is simple: "…to inspire those

we touch—students and audiences—through the performing arts."


Our vision is to nurture the spiritual and economic growth of the people of

Philadelphia and the surrounding areas by increasing access to cultural, global,

vocational, technological, and civic learning through the arts. Our primary goal

is to develop and deliver the highest standards of performing arts education,

integrating the perspectives of diverse cultures of the world and instilling:

  • Confidence

  • Collaboration skills

  • Creativity

  • Conflict resolution skills

  • Communication skills

  • Citizenship skills.


Browse the following pages to learn more about our dance instructors, the

classes we offer, and some special events we're hosting this year. If you want to

get moving, call us at 215 236-1300   or contact us to sign up today!

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