Welcome to CEG STUDIOS!
Welcome to CEG STUDIOS!

CEG Policies:


  1. FEES: A registration fee is due for initial enrollments, September of each year,           and when six (6) months or more has lapsed between attendances of classes.
  • The Yearly Membership Fee is $25 per person or $40 per family.
  • The Yearly Membership Fee for Returning students is $15 per person  and                        $30 per family.
  • Tuition fees must be paid prior to the start of class, and thereafter, every four (4) weeks for dance classes. There are no refunds or deductions for classes missed.
  •  Students owing tuition from the previous month will not be allowed to                  participate in class until the balance due is paid in full.
  1. PAYMENT OPTIONS: CASH, CHECK, MONEY ORDERS, DEBIT, and             VISA & MASTER CARDS. There is a $30 fee for checks that are returned                  for NSF. ALL CREDIT CARD   PAYMENTS ARE SUBJECTED TO A 5% ADDITIONAL CHARGE FOR SERVICE FEES.  Checks should be made               payable to CEG Performing Arts Academy or CEG. 
  2. PARKING PERMITS: You will be given a parking permit for the CEG                 parking lot purposes only.  It must be exhibited on the dashboard of your car.                 This permit is not transferable and will be seized if exhibited by someone                 other than the named student. There is a $10.00 fee for lost or misplaced               permit cards and $2.00 fee for each time you forget your permit card.                         This permit remains property of CEG Performing Arts Academy and must be surrendered upon request.
  3. LATE FEES: There will be a 10% late fee for late tuition payments.                                A 7-day grace period is allowed before a 10% late fee is applied.
  4. WEEKLY PAYMENT PLANS are available for all classes, which students                   are enrolled and must be paid prior to entering classes. Students wishing to                   pay for  single classes will be charged $12-$30.00 per class, plus the $25.00         registration fee. These students do not have a guaranteed position.
  5. MONTHLY PAYMENT PLANS are available for all classes, which students are enrolled in year-round.
    • The first and last month's tuition is due upon registration along with                                   the appropriate membership fee.
    • Monthly tuition is due by the 1st day of each month.
    • A 7-day grace period is allowed before a 10% late fee is applied.
    • An additional 10% late fee will be applied for each month a payment is                         overdue thereafter.
    •  CEG Performing Arts Academy does not mail monthly bills.
    •  Students receive a tuition statement with payment amount and due                                  dates upon registration.
    • Tuition remains the same whether is a long (5-week) or short (3-week)                         month,  regardless of absences.
    • Late registered student registrations who are accepted will be prorated.
  6. REFUNDS / EARLY WITHDRAWL:                                                                        Refunds are not given for any paid tuition plans.
    • If at any time you need TO WITHDRAW FROM A CLASS YOU MUST               NOTIFY THE OFFICE IN WRITING, THIRTY DAYS PRIOR TO                      CHANGE.
    • You will be financially responsible for all class fees regardless of                           attendance or withdraw.
    • We do not give credits or refunds for any missed classes.
  7. CLASS TRANSFERS: CEG Performing Arts Academy does allow students to    transfer into another department or class. No Tuition Refunds Given.
  8. ATTENDANCE: Attendance is mandatory for all CEG classes. 
    • Any group class that is Missed by the student, CEG Academy                                         will not credited it to the next month of class and cannot be made up.
    • All missed classes must be paid in full. ALL STUDENTS will be                                    charged for missed classes.
  9. HOLIDAY CLOSINGS: CEG observes some Federal holidays (Easter,                Memorial Day, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years).                        The studio closes for three weeks in August after our Summer Broadway                    Day Camp showcase production. Classes missed due to holidays will not                          be rescheduled.
    • We will only cancel classes if we have fewer than 3 people in each class.
    • If you are enrolled in a canceled class you will be placed on a waiting                                list until the class has over 3 people registered.
    • If there is a shortage of students in your class, and you have already                                 paid for your classes in full, WE WILL HONOR YOUR CLASS                                         but as a private half hour lesson.  
    • If it begins to snow or weather is bad, please check the website 1 hour                            prior to class time for an update on closings. 
    • Often if the School District of Philadelphia is closed due to bad weather,                          we are also closed as well. Our policy is Safety First!
    • CEG will always honor any classes that are canceled due to weather                                   or unforeseen circumstances.  
    • Students may stop by the office to schedule a makeup and fill out a                              makeup form at least 48 hours prior to the makeup. 
    • Makeup requests will not be handled over the telephone. 
    • No refunds or credits will be given.
  • Parents will be charged a $1.00 per minute when dancers are not picked up               within 15 minutes following the end of class.
  • Chewing gum and smoking is STRICTLY PROHIBITED on the premises!
  • No foods or drinks are allowed in the facility, except water.
  • Children are not allowed ON OR NEAR THE STAIRS or in the other studio.
  • Parents are responsible for any damage done by their children.
  • Management is not responsible for misplaced, lost or stolen personal items.


  • Dance shoes (jazz, ballet, ballet or tap), the appropriate dance uniform                      (e.g., black leotard, black jazz pants, black jazz top, ballet skirt, and                         black tights), and a plastic container with a top for drinking water.
  • Please refer to required uniform information sheet for the class that                                 you are enrolled in.
  • Students not wearing the proper uniform will not be allowed to                              participate in class.
  • For safety and sanitary reasons students are asked to wear long hair in a                     bun and with a hairnet, and jewelry and  gum is strictly prohibited.
  • Please do not wear DANCE SHOES outdoors! Students wearing dance shoes      outdoors will not be allowed in the studio.
  • Please use a separate pair of shoes for walking outdoors.
  • Help us keep our studio floors in good condition by observing our rules.

                   15. MAJOR ACADEMY PERFORMANCES

  • Four times a year students are invited to participate in our Fall, Winter,                     Spring, and Summer Musical showcases.
  • All the students are offered the opportunity to perform in our recital                        providing they have attended classes regularly.

                  16. CEG Performing Arts Academy COMPANY:

  • This is a prestigious, audition based student-performing group of singers,             dancers, models and actors.
  • Students perform upon invitation by companies, community organizations,              local schools, parades, talent showcases and churches.
  • CEG Company rehearses once a week on Friday nights. Audition based only!

                   17. BRING IN A FREIND WEEK:

  • Students are encouraged to bring a friend to class and share their                               CEG experience.
  • They will need a Guest Pass to be allowed to take the one class for Free.
  • We will offer a CEG Membership monthly package to them and                                          If your Friend signs up for monthly classes at CEG, you will receive                         20% off your next monthly tuition payment.
  • Your Guest is only allowed One Guest Pass per month for that one class.
  • Students must bring in a different Guest Every Month.
  • Guest Offer only good for Group Classes Only.
  • Outside the dance room, there is a bulletin board that will have updated                     information each month. Please take time to read this information carefully.
  1. RECITAL FEE: $125. Each student is required to pay a $125 Recital fee to               cover the cost of tickets and programs for each show (Fall, Winter, &                          Spring Sessions). This fee will provide them with 10 tickets per show                               and a Quarter page Picture Ad in the program book. This fee may be                         paid in full at the time of registration or for your convenience in five                   installments of $25 due every other week for 10 weeks for each school session.               All fees are non-refundable.
  2. SHOWCASE COSTUME FEES: $40 EACH COSTUME.                                             This is a mandatory fee if you are in the show. Students who participate                        in the recital, will be required to purchase one costume per class.                                The studio will order costumes 5-6 weeks prior to the recital date.                              Cost of the costumes is subject to change but is currently estimated between                 $40.00 - $70.00 each. All fees are non-refundable.
  3. CEG TEE SHIRTS: $15 - Every student who participates in this event gets a           Annual Student Showcase tee shirt. The cost of the tee shirt is $15.                               This is a mandatory fee if you are in the show.
  4. DVD VIDEO : $30 - each year a professional videographer videotapes                              the Annual Student Showcase. CEG does not make any profit from this video.         During our recital Video Taping is not permitted. All fees are non-refundable.
  5. SHOWCASE PICTURES: $15 to $40 depending upon package purchased.               Showcase photographs will be taken at the studio. Picture packages must                         be PAID IN FULL at the studio on picture day. All fees are non-refundable.
  6. PRIVATE LESSONS: Will be made-up for excused absences only, illness,               (verified by a doctor's note),  a death in the family, or a religious activity.                   Make-up lessons need to be scheduled within two weeks of the missed lesson              and are limited to 1 excused absence per semester. If you are late for your             scheduled lesson you are obligated to pay for your class in full and only                     receive the remainder amount of time left of your lesson.                                                     No Extra time will be added. Once your private lesson is scheduled,                             you cannot reschedule unless you notify us within 24-hour notice of                           your appointment. 

    Young students need to maintain their focus in class, therefore it is very  important to keep distractions to a minimum. Please have your child take  care of any restroom needs prior to class. We know parents enjoy watching their youngsters, but we ask that you please not stand at the studio doorway during class. Young students end up focusing on the doorway rather than  the teacher. Teachers often invite parents in at the end of class to show  what they’ve learned.


    We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to having your student in our academy!


A Parent’s Responsibilities:


  • Please get your children to class on time every week since regular attendance                   is necessary for good training.

  • Please do not block traffic in the parking lot.

  • Please be prompt in picking up your child after class.

  • Please label dance shoes and gear with students full name.

  • Please do not allow your child to wear dance shoes outside.

  • A dance bag is required for all dance gear.

  • Please make sure that your child is properly outfitted for class each                           week in a studio uniform leotard.

  • Please call in all absences due to illness and all other matters.

  • Please make sure that your child’s Tuition fees must be paid prior to the start of class, and thereafter, every four (4) weeks for all classes. There are no refunds or deductions for classes missed.

  • Please understand that any students owing tuition from the previous month             will not be allowed to participate in class until the balance due is paid in full.

  • Please encourage practice at home.

  • Please do not bring food or drink of any kind into the studio.

  • Please remember that you are responsible for supervising siblings; keep                       them safe and under control in the lobby.

  • Please remember that while class is in session, the dance room curtains                  should remain closed.

  • Please remember that if you wish to speak to your child’s teacher,                                 she is obligated to start her next class on time but will gladly call you                             at the end of her day.

  • Students and parents should be respectful in the lobby area, using                             there “inside voice” and keeping voices down. Please do not stand on the chairs.

  • Please remind students to clean up after themselves and respect studio property.

  • Please keep student’s jewelry and valuables at home.

  • Please check your child’s dance bag for notices and check your email for                 updates.

  • Please check the lost and found box frequently.

  • Please pay accounts on time! 10% Late fees are issued on overdue accounts.

  • Please avoid being a gossip that may spread misinformation.

  • If you need to discuss a situation, please call the office to arrange a mutually convenient meeting time.

  • Please don’t compare your child to other dancers or discuss such                        comparisons with other parents.

  • Please trust your child’s teacher’s evaluations since they are professional dance educators and only have your child’s best interest at heart.

  • Please review our studio policies with your children to help them understand                why it is important for everyone to follow the studio rules.

  • Please remember that we value your patronage and support and want to                   thank you for choosing us for your child’s dance education.



 Student Rules of Conduct

• We shall arrive to class on time fully dressed and ready to go.

• We shall not chew gum or bring food or drink into the studio.

• We shall not wear dance shoes outside & will carry dance shoes in a dance bag.

• We shall keep our dance bags hanging up in the lobby at all times.

• We shall wear a clean and neat uniform leotard for each class.

• We shall label all dance shoes and dance gear with our full names.

• We shall keep our dance gear in the dressing room and keep the lobby neat.

• We shall keep our cell phones off or on mute while in dance class.

• We shall keep our cell phones and all electronics in the lobby in our assigned places.

• We shall have our hair secured off our face and neck before class.

• We shall use a deodorant daily and refrain from wearing jewelry to class.

• We shall keep good conduct and quiet voices in the lobby.

• We shall go to the bathroom before class.

• We shall keep our hands off the mirrors.

• We shall speak respectfully to the teachers and to one another.

• We shall not make unnecessary conversation or noise while in class.

• We shall not hang on the dance bars.

• We shall not sit down or run during class unless instructed by the teacher.

• We shall not miss class except for valid reasons.

• We shall practice at home and be prepared for class even if absent the week prior.

• We shall be positive and proceed with a “can do “attitude.

• We shall politely ask dance – related questions in class.

• We shall use strong arms, stretched feet, and proper body placement.

• We shall use 100 percent of our energies while in class.

• We shall not gossip or put down other students.


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