Welcome to CEG STUDIOS!
Welcome to CEG STUDIOS!

Courses: Creative Music Class

Creative Music Teaches young student musicians to hear what They play and play What They hear in Engaging creative, and fun classes.


Lesson activities apply what research says Sequentially About how children learn the best music and Encourage students to listen, think, move, sing, improvise, and perform. Students Develop solid music technique and keyboard skills through alone, duets, and improvisations. By learning music, singing, and drumming, Engage students in music-making and learning activities, including singing, moving, listening, improvisation, and performing on percussion instruments and Tonebar. Students will learn to sing songs, perform traditional songs, and play a variety of percussive instruments.


12 students per class is the maximum. One hour class per week. 


In Creative Music, students learn to:

  • Improvise, play by ear, transpose, and harmonize
  • Sing and play
  • Perform with comfort and fluency in a variety of social settings
  • Play with technical ease and freedom from muscle tension
  • Listen to and perform Music with an understanding
  • Think about music in the context of a meter and a tonality
  • Become independent thinkers music

 New students are encouraged to start in the fall term or can join an ongoing class in the spring, Depending on availability.


This is a drop-off class. Parents are invited into the classroom for the last 5 to 10 minutes of each class.

This class borrows techniques from creative music and concentrates on personal and artistic expression. Instructor Cristina Guzman teaches students some basic music techniques and then encourages them to explore the music and develop their music in reaction to it.

This class is suitable for kids of all ages and skill levels.

Course Pricing
Courses for creative music are available in weekly 60-minute sessions.

For private lessons, please contact us.

Single session $15.00 - 60 min.  
Monthly  session $50.00 - 60 min.
Quarterly session $150.00 - 60 min.

Tax not included. Payment plans are available upon request.

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