Welcome to CEG STUDIOS!
Welcome to CEG STUDIOS!

Courses: Pre-school Dance

Creative Dance (3-6 years old only):


Is a fun introduction to ballet, tap, and jazz dance for 3 to 6-year-olds. Students learn syncopated rhythms, coordination, and precision of movement. If your child loves to dance, this is their class! Enjoy lots of personal attention in our small classes with only 8-10 students per class. Your children will greatly benefit from having a specialist in preschool dance. The class will be 1 hour long with 20-minute intervals of each type of dance movement.


Students will learn: 

• Learn basic Ballet/ Tap / Jazz / Acro in Creative Movement
• Work on sequencing
• Learn a dance routine and be part of the year-end dance recitals

Taught by CEG- One hour Class 



This is a drop-off class. Parents are invited into the classroom for the last 5 to 10 minutes of each class.



Mommy and me Creative Movement Dance (2-3 years old only):

Children love to move. They love to wiggle and shake. When children dance together, something wonderful happens. Not only are they having fun, but they are also building coordination balance, working on counting and listening skills, and exploring their creativity. Children begin to develop cognitive and motor skills when introduced to rhythm and movement at a young age. And they have a great time doing it! Your infant or toddler will love it! *


 *Registration is only $25.00, and you can register online. The Fall semester quarterly rate is $100 for 10 or 3 months of classes. We take any credit card, or you may use your PayPal account. We also offer a drop-in option for $15.00 a class. Register early; classes are limited to 12 children. No refunds.


Our instructors, CEG and CEG Performing Arts Academy founder Cristina Elena Guzman, have earned critical acclaim as a dancer in the past. Today, Cristina remains passionate about dance and seeks to share that knowledge with others eager to learn. CEG offers courses for beginner, intermediate and advanced dancers.

Course Pricing
Creative Dance courses are available in weekly or monthly 60-minute open sessions. For private lessons, please contact us.

Single Weekly Class $15 per class 
Dance class a week $50.00 per month
Unlimited Pre-school classes                    $150.00 per month    


Tax not included. Payment plans are available upon request.


Monthly payments all due at the 1st week of every month.

Payment plans are available upon request.


Private Lesson Price:


Weekly Lesson Rate - $30.00 every 30 min.

Weekly Lesson Rate - $60.00 every 60 min.

Monthly 30 minutes - $100.00 per month (4 - 1/2 hour Classes)

Monthly 60 minutes - $200.00 per month (4 - 1 hour Classes)

We've included the photo gallery below to give you an impression of our ballet dance courses.

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