Welcome to CEG STUDIOS!
Welcome to CEG STUDIOS!

Private Music Lessons 


Piano and Keyboard Lessons


CEG offers piano lessons for students of all ages and abilities from beginners to very advanced students. We offer every style of piano lessons from classical to jazz and pop. We have students who want to play just for fun and students who excel to our performance company. Piano teachers at CEG are able to match students with a teacher that works best with their particular age, ability and interest. We start piano lessons from age 5 and above. Our piano lessons are all private one-on-one instruction and lesson lengths are 30 minutes or 1 hour. For our advanced piano students we have teachers with master’s degrees in piano who can prepare them for university entrance.


Guitar & Bass Lessons 


Our private guitar, bass, lessons include acoustic, electric and bass guitar. We have an excellent guitar teaching staff and teach guitar lessons in everything from rock to jazz, classical to pop, Spanish to chording. Many of our teachers actively perform in bands. Our guitar teachers have college or university music degrees so they know the proper theory and technique no matter if a student is interested in metal or in classical. Guitar lessons at our schools are enhanced by the opportunity of learning how to jam with other musicians or how to perform solo in one of our recitals. No matter what type of guitar lessons you are interested in, we have the teachers to help you. Typically a student would be 8 years old before starting guitar lessons, due to their hand size, but some younger students start with a junior sized guitar.


Drum Lessons


We have expert drum instructors and our instructors are equal parts rocker and educator to help your child learn how to melt faces in the process.Classes are tailored to all levels of proficiency: beginner, intermediate, and advanced Drummers.Students master life-long music fundamentals: Time signatures, rhythmic patterns, counting measures and performance techniques.  Drum instruction is the foundation of our school, with so many epic songs presenting learning opportunities.Our performance program is the at the heart of what makes CEG great. Jamming in a lesson room is just the beginning to expanding on to a on stage performance.

  • Personal: Master new skills through live one-on-one instruction
  • Convenient: Video chat with your teacher from home or anywhere
  • Effective: Achieve goals faster with tools that work



The first private Music lesson must be scheduled for an hour, after the first lesson you may opt to have half hour or hour sessions. All students must bring in a music practice book, a folder, Music Theory Notebook Complete Level 1-3, Music Staff book, and or a flash drive to store music for use to practice at home.  


Attendance is mandatory for all CEG classes, any Group or Private class that is missed by the student, CEG Academy will not credit it to the next month of class and cannot be made up. All missed classes must be paid in full. 


Will be made-up for excused absences only, illness, (verified by a doctor's note), a death in the family, or a religious activity. Make-up lessons need to be scheduled within two weeks of the missed lesson and are limited to 1 excused absence per semester. Credits or refunds will not be given. Pre-paid tuition for private classes is due upon registration and will only be used for make-up classes. Three paid in full class deposits is needed.Pre-paid tuition are Not Refundable. If you are late for your scheduled lesson you are obligated to pay for your class in full and only receive the remaining amount of time left of your lesson. No Extra time will be added.


Once your private lesson is scheduled, you cannot reschedule unless you notify us within 24-hour notice of your appointment. All makeup classes shall be rescheduled within the two-week period of the missed class date for private classes. No Exceptions.


If you missed your lesson without notifying us first at least 24 hours in advance, the lesson must still be paid in full and will be deducted from your Pre-paid tuition payment. Students can obtain a make-up class pass at the office for private classes missed by the student. Private lesson students must give the office a minimum of 24-business hour notice receive a make-up lesson. Private lessons can only be made-up a maximum of 3 times a semester per student.

Course Pricing
Courses for Drums, Piano, Guitar, Bass are available in weekly 60-minute or 30-minute sessions. For private lessons, please contact us.

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Browse the following pages to learn more about the classes we offer, or download our weekly schedule. You can also call  215 236-1300 215 236-1300 to speak with one of our instructors or contact us to sign up.

Weekly Lesson Rate  $30.00 every 30 min.
Weekly Lesson Rate
$60.00 every 60 min. 
Monthly 30 minutes  $100.00 per month (4 Classes)
Monthly 60 minutes $200.00 per month (4 Classes)

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